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Custom Lamination Cores

Windtech Inc. makes stator cores to precise Customer specifications. You can provide the laminations or let us procure them for you. We can make them straight or skewed; with or without end insulators. We also have the capability to perform several machining operations such as: OD grind, ID honing, chamfer, notches, thru holes, and several others. Windtech can design and fabricate the complete tooling required for bonding, machining, end lamination placement and all other required steps. We can also work with Customer-supplied tooling.

Specifications  · Materials


Size Range

From small 0.5” OD stacks to larger 24” OD stacks

Value-Added Services

ID Honing

Lamination Splits


OD Grinding

OD Turning

Thru Holes



Cargo Systems

Micro Turbines

Military Missiles

Motion Control

Wind Generators

Wind Turbines

and more


Breaking Torque Test
Dimensional Verification

Visual Inspection


AS9102 based FAIR


Stack/Core Lamination

ASTM Type C-5 coated or uncoated
Cold Rolled Motor Laminations

Fully processed for stress-relief anneal

Grain Oriented Silicon Steels

Non Oriented Silicon Steels (.014”, .018”, .025”)

Special Material Alloys (Nickel-Iron; Cobalt-Iron; others)

Thin Gauge Silicon Steels (.005”, .007”, .011”)

Stack/Core Bonding

3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resin 265
Dymax products

Magna-Tac E645® Epoxy Adhesive


Stack/Core Insulation

And others
Epoxyglass laminates

Fluidizing (3M™ Scotchcast® #260, #5230N, #5555)

Laser cut Nomex® end laminations


·  Stack Cores

·  Powder Coated Stack Cores

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