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Self-Supporting Coils

High Precision Self Supporting Coils can be wound using self-bondable magnet wire or standard magnet wire.

Coils wound with self-bondable magnet wire are voltage baked, which basically consists of winding the coil in a winding chuck and inducing voltage through the coil to let the bonding agent in the wire work. The dimensions are hold in place by using a special designed housing that goes over the winding chuck. Coils can also be wet-wound, in which the coils are brushed with several layers of a bonding agent. Coil fluidizing, potting and encapsulation can be also performed; please contact us for further details.

We have the capability and experience to design and make the complete tooling required for winding, bonding, baking, inspection gages, etc. or if you prefer we can work with Customer-supplied tooling.

Specifications  · Materials


Size Range

From small medical coils to large generator coils.


If required, the coils can be powder coated in a fluidizing bed.


All units inspected (100% Inspection coverage, no sampling)
Dimensional inspection

Electrical inspection (Resistance, Inductance)

Visual Inspection


AS9102 based FAIR
J-STD-001 Certified


High Voltage Transformers


Linear Displacement Devices

Motor Coils

Wind Generators

and more


Magnet Wire Material

Round or square Copper magnet wire
Heavy Build, Class 200°C

Heavy Build, Class 240°C

PEEK insulated, Class 260ºC

Inverter Duty Grade, Class H 200°C

Essex: Polybondex® G Bond M PBX #1, UL-180°C

Inverter Duty Grade, Class H 200°C, Polybondex®

Per NEMA Standard MW1000 & Federal Specification JW1177

Essex, Rea, MWS, others


·  Self-Supporting Coil Set

·  Triangular Self-Supporting Coil

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